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You've been going about your life as you normally do. Fighting, transforming, flirting, falling in love, winning competitions, attending school, singing your heart out-- the usual. That's when it happens: you get pulled out of your universe--

Okay, no, that's not what happens. Life goes on, just as it always has, but you can't seem to get the internet to leave you alone. Maybe you don't even know what internet is! There's just this really strange duck perched on your computer screen, in your book, taking over your mirror, and it's accompanied by a magical internet community called Drama Drama Duck.

The name might be a little confusing, but it looks like there are other people on this website. Sometimes it'll start recording you unexpectedly, sometimes it will be there for you when you're having a tough time, sometimes it'll straight-up screw with you.

The Community, as it's known by its userbase, is a cross-universe blogging website that won't go away until your character uses it and interacst with other characters from other series (worlds). It looks like Dreamwidth and acts like Dreamwidth, but it's connected to the worlds of multiple canons and allows your characters to meet new people from other universes while still going through canon events. Avert unfortunate events, make your character's life better (or worse) by interacting with other characters, or even just have your character's life ruined by monthly events and viruses!

[community profile] dramadramaduck is the non-jamjar game that asks the hard-hitting questions: What would REALLY happen if fictional characters met on the internet?