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You've been going about your life as you normally do. Fighting, transforming, flirting, falling in love, winning competitions, attending school, singing your heart out-- the usual. That's when it happens: you get pulled out of your universe--

Okay, no, that's not what happens. Life goes on, just as it always has, but you can't seem to get the internet to leave you alone. Maybe you don't even know what internet is! There's just this really strange duck perched on your computer screen, in your book, taking over your mirror, and it's accompanied by a magical internet community called Drama Drama Duck.

The name might be a little confusing, but it looks like there are other people on this website. Sometimes it'll start recording you unexpectedly, sometimes it will be there for you when you're having a tough time, sometimes it'll straight-up screw with you.

The Community, as it's known by its userbase, is a cross-universe blogging website that won't go away until your character uses it and interacst with other characters from other series (worlds). It looks like Dreamwidth and acts like Dreamwidth, but it's connected to the worlds of multiple canons and allows your characters to meet new people from other universes while still going through canon events. Avert unfortunate events, make your character's life better (or worse) by interacting with other characters, or even just have your character's life ruined by monthly events and viruses!

[community profile] dramadramaduck is the non-jamjar game that asks the hard-hitting questions: What would REALLY happen if fictional characters met on the internet?
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Welcome one and all to the beautiful Enten-Anka Winter Resort! The weather today is sunny but cold, with intermittent snows throughout the night.

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Drops will continually be one week behind to account for the seven-day grace period.

If you see any errors or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the list mods. You can reach Iddy at, [ profile] banerry on LJ, [personal profile] corknut on DW, or Ihdreniel on Plurk. ♥

Last update: 3/10/16

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Just a couple things the mods have been talking over lately that we need to pass on to you guys:

1. IC Chat or AIM logs are not considered game canon unless all parties involved are okay with it. It's fine to bring chat events into canon; please post a log somewhere if you do, so interested parties can follow what's going on.

2. We felt it best to deal with this before it becomes a problem. Controversy is fun to play, but certain plot topics are more sensitive than others. We'd like them run past a mod first, just to make sure that everyone's not overloading the comm with them (like when we had over 9000 killings at once) and the player plans to handle them maturely. "Sensitive topics" here include rape; pregnancy and especially means of ending it (e.g. abortion, miscarriage); death; suicide. (If we missed something important, please tell us here; we recommend always erring on the side of caution.)

2-a: As we mods monitor, we reserve the right to end a plot that oversteps sensitive boundaries; especially if there is no mod approval, player disagreement on handling of sensitive topics, or complaints.

3. In addition, please talk to the other mun first and warn the rest of us if your character is going to be using explicit racist or otherwise offensive language. Swearing in posts is fine, but if it's in 60 point blinking red font or your character is the type to drop slurs, please cut and warn for content.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments!
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JOURNAL: [personal profile] corknut
AIM: hellooo darlink
PLURK: [ profile] Ihdreniel
IN CHARGE OF: hiatuses & lists
JOURNAL: [personal profile] bloopers
AIM: sillyslanders
PLURK: [ profile] makewayforroze
IN CHARGE OF: applications
JOURNAL: [personal profile] sinnesspiel
AIM: cdnmmastrmind
PLURK: [ profile] Ozaki_Toshio
IN CHARGE OF: events & viruses
So if I have a question about approvals, I talk to Iddy?
If you have a question about an easily classified area of the game, the moderator listed as being in charge can probably get you the answer quickest. However, if they aren't around, feel free to ask anyone else-- if they don't know, they'll bring it up to the rest of us and get you the answer you need.
Any questions, feel free to drop a comment here!
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3-4 Day Viruses
Dystopia: The world as you know it has already ended. Sux 2 b u.
Regular: It's like a tale as old as thyme instead of time.
Move Your Dead Bones: Congrats on the funeral.
My Two Sides: Rats, now everyone will know I can only do backflips when I'm evil.
You Are My Master: Welcome back, Goshujinsama!

    Duckpox: It's like being friendship punched in the face with the flu.
    Noclip: Think outside the box. Or rather, through the box.
    Damn it, brain!: Making out with your hand for practice just got a lot more awkward. 

1-2 Day Viruses
What Was Missing: The door is Tumblr and it must hear your feels until you cannot even.
MacGuffins Gone Wild!: These plot devices are marching to the beat of their own drum now.
Cheap Special Effects: Someone bring the garden hose over here for the dramatic angst scene!
Gizoogled: Drop a rhyme like we real gizoogle thugs.
Topsy-Turvy: Ev'ry thing is upsy-daysy!

Tron Event: RACE YA!
Mario Party virus It's-a us, DDD!
Jamjar: Here's some RP so you can have some RP in your RP with your RP.
Minecraft: Punching trees for wood is the new chopping.
Golden Duck of Drama: Indiana Jones would cry.
A Little Taste of Heaven: I hope there's ice cream in heaven.

Virus Add-On: Extension

» Please use the following form to suggest a virus or event:

Virus or Event?:
VIRUSES: Affect a character physically or mentally. Includes fake-memory viruses. Examples: Pokemon virus, Alignment virus, High School AU Virus.
EVENTS: Involve characters doing something, often against their will. Examples: Portal event, Assassins event. They are not planned by the characters.
Canon-based happenings eg Shadow Plot will 90% of the time be events, as the emphasis will be on doing something, and outside of the characters' control.)
Duration: (For viruses, between 1 - 4 days, apart from in exceptional circumstances. Please specify. For events, up to 5 days, apart from in exceptional circumstances. Please specify.)
Description: (DETAIL YOUR VIRUS OR EVENT HERE. Sell it! Be clear and precise and make it SHINE~!)
Anything else: (Anything else we need to know regarding your virus or event, eg 'will cause permanent scarring', 'no magic heal after it's over', 'feelings of attachment will be permanent'.)

Handy-dandy textbox for you to copypasta!
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Hey guys, welcome to the new and improved Suggestions and Complaints post, MK II!

FOR SUGGESTIONS: Simply put 'suggestion' in your subject and then go for it. Nothing is too little or too big and we love having player suggestions to think about, and possibly use!






GENERAL COMPLAINTS: For general complaints, just go crazy. if it's something about the community or the mod team or anything, feel free to voice it-- we will not judge you in the slightest.

Finally, ALL COMMENTS ARE SCREENED, no one will see what you have said and EVERYTHING IS CONFIDENTIAL. Only Moderators and the PR team will see your complaint (some 'suggestions' may be unscreened for the rest of the community to see and comment on themselves; if you would like your suggestion to stay private, please let us know and we will keep it screened). The one thing we ask is that you leave us some way to contact you (if it's your real sn, an anonymous sn, an e-mail, anything). We like to follow up on complaints to make sure things are getting resolved and we cannot follow up with completely anonymous complaints. However, it is entirely up to you.

Mods reserve the right to determine whether a complaint warrants action. Any talks had with the 'offending party' will not be shared with you, we will not give you details but if you ask, we will be honest and let you know if we did talk to them at all.
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new application post is located here.

this post will remain open until october 22nd, 2009.
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Player nickname: The name you'd like us to call you.
Player DW: Your personal Dreamwidth account, not your character's. Sockpuppets and LJ accounts are both a-okay.
Way to contact you: (All of these are optional!)
Email: Self-explanatory.
AIM: Your AIM screen name.
Plurk: Your username on Plurk.
Other: Any additional methods of contact you might want us to use.
Are you at least 15?: This is a requirement for players.
Current Characters: Whoever you currently play on [community profile] dramadramaduck!

Character: Character's full name, in Western order. (Given name, surname.)
Fandom: Your character's canon, whether it's a book, movie, game, comic, etc. If your canon has many distinct universes (example: Transformers) or large differences between anime/manga or book/movie (example: FullMetal Alchemist), please specify which one you're applying from.

History: Give us a link to a summary of your character's history - wiki pages, fansites and your own writing are all acceptable. It doesn't have to be a play-by-play of every chapter or episode; we just want a general idea of the character's story and an overview of the relevant parts of their canon. If a reliable source for their history doesn't exist, just give us a few paragraphs to briefly summarise your character's past and their role in their canon. You're welcome to use a link and your own writing if you think that it's necessary (e.g. if there is a source that summarises canon events, but nothing about your character).

Probably the most important part of the application aside from the samples. There is no word minimum or word limit! We ask for however much you think you need to give us. Generally, three paragraphs is a good minimum to go by.

This section shows us how well you know and understand your character; you need to clearly explain your character's defining traits to us. Because our application allows for linked history, it's also recommended you demonstrate some amount of your knowledge of your character's history in this section - for example, backing up a trait with canon proof (e.g. Character A is very stubborn; he did X Event in canon, and said, "Y Quote"). You should also explain any significant changes or development that your character went through over the course of canon.

We also compare this section to what you show us in the samples. For instance, if you tell us the character is normally an upbeat, bubbly teenager and that description correlates with what we've read or what we know about that character, yet we see none of that in your samples, we're probably going to ask you to take a closer look at character personality and voice.
Other: Optional section. Quirks, habits, notes about abilities, anything you think is necessary!
Additional Links: Extra information, canon details, etc. Anything you can think of! Even a picture of your character, if you feel so inclined.

First Person: This sample puts an emphasis on your character's voice - style of speech and personality, mostly. For this sample, you have three options, listed below with their details:
⇒ 100+ words.
⇒ Make it a journal entry. It doesn't matter what kind of post; video, voice and text are all fine. But write it as if they're posting to the community, or to their own personal journal.
⇒ Actions and description are not counted. The word minimum should be met either by your character speaking or typing.
Do not write an intro post. Not so much a rule as a strong recommendation, because introductions are often very generic and hard to judge, and it's likely that you'll be asked for a second sample.
⇒ 20+ comments. This means 20 comments by your character, not a thread total of 20 comments.
⇒ We will accept threads from museboxes, Dear Mun or similar communities, and memes (provided that the meme does not alter the character in any way, and is not a sex meme).
⇒ While we do allow threads from other games for samples, apps will be judged based on canon personality and we ask that the thread reflect that rather than game development.
⇒ It can be a face-to-face log or online conversation, but it must be in an action bracket style - i.e. no prose.
⇒ The thread must either be finished at the time of submission, or it must at least meet the minimum of 20 comments.
⇒ Actions, descriptions and introspection are all fine, but the focus will be solely on your character's voice.
⇒ The thread must show substance; we don't want a string of one-word responses about a generic topic.
⇒ If a mod feels that the thread sample is insufficient, they have the right to ask for a journal-style sample instead (see above for details).
Click here for a list of questions. More are still being added, but feel free to use those currently available!
⇒ Choose 10 of the questions on the list. There is no minimum word count.
⇒ Answer in-character, in first person, as if your character were being asked these questions in a conversation.
⇒ Answers do not have to be honest. However, try to show substance in your character's responses.
⇒ It can be assumed that your character knows the interviewer, to prevent the awkwardness of being asked these questions by a stranger.
⇒ If a mod feels that the Q&A sample is insufficient, they have the right to ask for a journal-style sample instead (see above for details).
If you have any questions about samples (such as whether something is an acceptable thread sample), feel free to hit up one of the moderators/modpoles, or ask your question in the comments below!
Third Person:
250+ words. This section must be written in prose (i.e. no action brackets) and should demonstrate both your understanding of your character, and your ability to write fluently and coherently.

Rather than a he-said she-said account of an event, we're looking for a character's internal monologue, the sorts of things they think about and what motivates them to act. Naturally, actions and descriptions are allowed and encouraged-- just make sure we hear your character's thoughts about them. Tell us why they said and did what they did, not just the what. You don't need to provide paragraphs of introspection, just more than a straight description of events.
That's about it! As a general rule, QUANTITY =/= QUALITY. Please keep that in mind when you apply. We're not looking for novels, promise. ♥

What Is Plagiarism? with Norru Norryton.
☑ Writing everything yourself with some resource checking.
☒ Copy and Pasting straight from that resource.
Why?: Copy and Pasting straight from Wikipedia or whatever you use to find your information yourself shows us only that you know how to copy and paste. We want to know that you know your own character's information.

☑ Writing your history yourself.
☒ Paraphrasing another source.
Why?: Paraphrasing is pretty much fancy copy-pasting. I'd honestly rather you have little to no history than a paraphrased one from another source; I can look up wikipedia myself.

☑ Writing your own sample.
☒ Taking lines from canon or fanfiction.
Why?: As like the first explanation, I don't know that you know your character if you just pull lines from canon (this excludes popular catchphrases that the character would say a lot) or lift lines from fanfiction. Plus, this sort of thing honestly pisses me off. Don't do it.

☑ Working/Building on characterization from many sources/your own imagination
☒ Copying someone's characterization nearly word for word.
Why?: This is less to do with applications and more so to do with imitation not always being flattery. It's fine to see someone's characterization and build off it, but make sure you put yourself into it as well.

☑ Writing your own posts/comments.
☒ Copy and Pasting posts/comments from someone elses version of that character.
Why?: What even-- no. Do this, you and I will have a very stern talk.

☑ Writing YOUR OWN APP.
☒ Writing someone elses application for them; having someone write your application for you.
Why?: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE. SERIOUSLY. WHAT EVEN-- I CANT. WRAP MY HEAD AROUND THIS. NO. NO. But seriously, if I catch you doing this (writing apps for people/having people write your apps for you), I will ban all those involved from the game. By willfully submitting information that is not theirs or willfully accepting information you didn't write, you have the intent of getting (someone) into the game untruthfully. Not kosher.

To also clarify with applications:
I am okay with you using a history/personality section/sample(s) you've written for other games/websites/whatever so long as you LET ME KNOW IN YOUR APPLICATION and, if you can, link me the source.

In conclusion:
The way these things work is, I will judge your chances based on how well I know you and if I think it was intentional or not. Before now, people have expressed that they didn't know that you couldn't copy and paste histories or personality sections or what have you, so I have let it pass-- that's also why I wrote all this haha-- but that being said, it's generally a three strike rule (which was upped from the previous one strike policy). The third time I catch you plagiarizing, you will be banned from applying for three months. The fourth? You will be banned from applying all together.

I will not request your characters or you be removed from the game, don't worry, but I take this seriously and you should too. If you feel I have acted unfairly, you can talk to me about it and maybe we can work something out; despite my fairly strong stance on this, please don't feel like I won't be compassionate. I understand misunderstandings, it's okay if it's an honest mistake.

Thank you for reading all of this. Consider this your warning. :B ♥
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This post is now closed. Please see the new complaints/suggestions post here.
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With gods, psychics, and rabid fangirls roaming our community ICly, the questions arise: how much of another character's canon does a character have access to? Are there things a player would rather keep under wraps? And are there things that omniscients should know about your character?

Please respond to this post with any information characters should know ICly (for example, if they can read minds) or that you'd prefer to keep secret (like your character's alter-ego).

When in doubt, the best rule of thumb is to contact a player before making any revelations about their characters. Sure, your character reads manga and knows that Light is Kira -- but maybe the mun wants to try and keep it under wraps.

Still have a question? Ask a mod!

Player information:

Character information:
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The FAL is divided into lists of 150 for your convenience. Please allow 24 hours between lists to ensure you don't exceed LiveJournal's daily friend add limit, which... appears to be random, at this point. 8D;

Drops will continually be one week behind to account for the seven-day grace period.

If you see any errors or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at, [ profile] banerry on LJ, or Ihdreniel on Plurk. ♥

- Iddy

Last update: 12/18/11

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DDD no longer requires applications. Please comment here to claim the character you want to play.
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Hiatus Post

Going on hiatus? Let us know here.

  • Although it's not mandatory to tell us if you're going to be gone for just two or three days, it may be to your benefit. If you're going to be gone for more than a week, please inform us.
  • Include in your comment the length of your hiatus, if known, each characters' name(s), and each characters' journal name. Journal usernames are especially important as those are what we use to collect info for Activity Check exemptions, so please include them.
  • If a specific date of return is given, the hiatus will end the following day and the player will be responsible for their activity from that point on. If you're unsure of your return date, please give only a rough estimate or leave the time frame open-ended.
  • Hiatuses may be taken for no more than three months. You will be dropped from the community entirely after.
  • Hiatus posts do not need to be made on the OOC comm. If you do make a post there, however, you must still leave a comment in this entry. If you don't, you are liable for whatever happens in your absence.
  • When you return from hiatus, please reply to your original hiatus comment stating that you have returned or else you will be on hiatus until you do. You may be dropped for excessive hiatus, otherwise.
  • Do not use hiatuses as a way to get around the activity check, we will follow up.


Previous hiatus post: here
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