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Hey guys, welcome to the new and improved Suggestions and Complaints post, MK II!

FOR SUGGESTIONS: Simply put 'suggestion' in your subject and then go for it. Nothing is too little or too big and we love having player suggestions to think about, and possibly use!






GENERAL COMPLAINTS: For general complaints, just go crazy. if it's something about the community or the mod team or anything, feel free to voice it-- we will not judge you in the slightest.

Finally, ALL COMMENTS ARE SCREENED, no one will see what you have said and EVERYTHING IS CONFIDENTIAL. Only Moderators and the PR team will see your complaint (some 'suggestions' may be unscreened for the rest of the community to see and comment on themselves; if you would like your suggestion to stay private, please let us know and we will keep it screened). The one thing we ask is that you leave us some way to contact you (if it's your real sn, an anonymous sn, an e-mail, anything). We like to follow up on complaints to make sure things are getting resolved and we cannot follow up with completely anonymous complaints. However, it is entirely up to you.

Mods reserve the right to determine whether a complaint warrants action. Any talks had with the 'offending party' will not be shared with you, we will not give you details but if you ask, we will be honest and let you know if we did talk to them at all.
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I was recently going through the taken character page and noticed there were an overwhelming number of magical girls, especially pretty cures. I checked the game community and saw it was pretty dead. I've looked at the game in the past and something I liked about it was the wide diversity in the character base. I have nothing against magical girls or pretty cures, it's just seeing so many, especially played by the same people, is a bit disconcerting and turns me off from the game. It might even be a turn off to any other prospective players who look at it and see so many pretty cures in the same game. I know there's a character cap for players apping in the same series, but does it also apply to specific franchises too? If it does, this could keep the same players from bringing in four or five different cures, dragonball, tales of, or mega man characters (to name a few examples) that might otherwise have some interesting cr together without need for playercest. It would also prevent players from sticking to a single "canon" franchise, so to say, and encourage them to branch out with their apps.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to a reply at your earliest convenience.

And feel free to unscreen this for discussion purposes.
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